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elissahra ([personal profile] elissahra) wrote2009-10-01 10:11 pm
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SPN Episode 5.04

Ha ha I got the kid to sleep so I can watch the show tonight.  I love the boy but sometimes mommy needs to watch her show.

Here are my reactions:

I missed some of the beginning but wow falling asleep and then waking up in the future that is totally messed up had to be off putting.  It was nice to see his concern for the little girl even though she was infected.

I really liked that fact that alot of what is happening this season is bring back situations that happened in seasons past, namely season two on this one,  plus if I remember correctly that was the episode Dean confessed to Sam about John saying either save or kill Sam.  I could see how it played together so well.

Chuck!!!!  Yay you're still around and look its Cas and wow Cas is stoned and funny.  Not sure if I like him and yes future Dean is so very broken.

I liked Lucifer!Sam in this episode and it made me sad to see it but it was well played out and I loved that fact that Zake's plan back fired.  Hehe!

Over all this was an excellent episode and I loved it and I am so looking forward to more, and more and well yeah more. 
Next  week episode looks funny and gross.  I'll have to check my ick o' meter on the previews online to see if I can stomach watching it.  (I am a wimp at really gross stuff).