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So today my baby goes to get his tonsils removed.  I'm a wreck.  Happy thoughts are appreciated.
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So the Book Hunt started out as something to do for my Great Uncle because there were books he wanted that where published back in the '50's so I went online and found the books.

I also found two at a local used book store and it was really fun looking for the books. That got me started on my own hunt for books. Most of what I want to read I can easily get at a new book store or online but it became a game to look for books at out of reach places around the valley that I live in.

Hence to Book Hunt became my new hobby. Aside from reading my books I decided to keep a reading journal. And I opened an account on Good Reads to keep track of what I've read and my impressions. I'm also venturing into genre's I've never read before so who knows I might just find some great new reads that I would never had ventured into reading.

Brandi's currently-reading book montage

The Summoning

Brandi's favorite books »

Share book reviews and ratings with Brandi, and even join a book club on Goodreads.

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I want to confess that my writing has sucked the last two years due to stress at work being too much for me to handle, plus things at home weren't better.

So hopping I don't get laid off anytime soon (I got a lateral position change at work plus a raise so I'm being optimistic.) that I will be able to write without all the baggage.

So what I am requesting is a friendly but firm beta reader to read my wips that have been sitting around since 2006 in hopes of getting them done. I even picked up reading the novels that were published the last two years to get me back into the fandom again.

Thanks in advance :)

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Day three and so far I'm trying to keep up with my goal. Currently I'm 1000 words behind but I'm not discouraged yet. I've been keeping my outline handy so I won't sit on my chair staring at the screen screaming why!

I just have to keep my inner critic at bay and I should be okay. I know after this month this story is going to need a ton of revision, but my goal is to get the rough draft done or at the very least done enough to make my min of 50,000 words. Yay!
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So I am the biggest dork in the world but over the course of the last few weeks I've fallen in love with Pysch.  I've never seen the show before its season 4 air date and man I love it.

Its funny and light and I can't get enough of Shawn. 

If anyone can rec me stories I will forever in your debt.  Pretty please :)
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Ha ha I got the kid to sleep so I can watch the show tonight.  I love the boy but sometimes mommy needs to watch her show.

Here are my reactions:

This episode rocked!!! )
Next  week episode looks funny and gross.  I'll have to check my ick o' meter on the previews online to see if I can stomach watching it.  (I am a wimp at really gross stuff).

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Test Post
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I have started writing again, and I think for the first time in years I'm really enjoying writing just for the shear hell of it.  I really want to finish my story I started month ago and now I have a firm plot structure under my belt.

I also really want to edit Finding Yesterday and post it here in one huge chunk, and that has me all excited.  I need to go back and edit because my grammar really sucks, but I'm looking forward to seeing my stuff in a bigger post.

In other news I'm not sure if I want to ready book fifteen, I was so disapointed with the last two books that I'm not sure I can handle a third.  I'll wait until after the it hits the stores and others have read it and then decide if I want to invest in the book.  I'm finally getting over being burnt out on plum.

In other news I'm trying to decide if I can manage finishing my Supernatural story, season 4 has thrown me a bit but I also think I could have predicted some of what happened and I don't want my story to sound like I'm just coping the series.  That would be bad.  We'll see.
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I got an invite and I am so excited to be here.

This has been a really good weekend followed by a very crapy week. I got my new laptop and now I got an invite to DM.

I know it dosen't take much to make me happy but you gotta celebrate the small things in life or the bad things willl just keep you down.

I got the laptop as a comprise with my husband because he felt that I was do isolated from the family and I agree. I share the computer with the kids and we're all in the same room now.

I've even picking up writing some of my other stories that belong to other fandoms. Someone on FFnet reviewed every story I wrote and I was so flattered and happy she took the time to read everything. I also appricated the feedback. Mostly the grammer errors, then again I just used to write and post without using a beta reader. So now I want to go back through my posted stuff and clean it up. There is no excuse for being to hasty. When I first started writing I used to get to full of myself and now I've learned to slow down and take my time.

Well here's to my first entry.
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